Production Workstations


        Nowadays, demand for high end workstations has grown so tremendously that the trend is heading towards full digitization. Most businesses along with solo professionals, use computational technology to design, animate, model, video and photo edit, create and compute their flow with the assistance of a high end machines rather than anything else. 

        This of course combine with the rapid change in hardware requirements within software applications and aligned with the increase in monitor resolution, demand and complexity has forced computer systems to evolve and progress in order to adapt to the needs of the user. Currently, our company, AEIBEN LTD,  assembles and delivers high end workstations that include Intel's 13th generation chips i7 13700, i9 13900 and Ryzen's 9  7900X and 7950X chips in an effort to comfortable tackle computational problems for corporations, small businesses and professionals. These setups of course, pair well with high end NVIDIA and AMD cards such as RTX 4070Ti, 4080, 4090 that provide 12-24GB of VRAM graphics and are partnered with 64-128GB DDR4 or DDR5 RAM accordingly. 

        In less frequent occasions, that software demands NVIDIA's Quadro lineup of RTX A4000, A4500, A5000, A6000, we incorporate professional graphics in our systems  that use more dedicated drivers for super delegate applications that really  require them. What really stands out though in this whole procedure is that we offer fully customization and scalability in order for our customers to effortlessly design and assemble their setups according to their budget and true corporate needs.