Ryzen 7000 | Intel 13th Gen


    This winter is said to be very promising when it comes to the semi conductor business.  AMD has pre-announced many months ago that its planning to launch its Ryzen 7000 series of processors and Intel in a step to sidetrack this, will possibly be releasing their 13th generation family of processors, Raptor Lake.

    AMD's lineup in a continuation of its Ryzen 5000 released in the fall of 2021, will include Zen 4, codenamed Raphael that will present Ryzen 7950X, 7900X, 7800X and so on. Traditionally AMD processors came with high core and thread counts, lower clock speeds than Intel but rich L3 cache that appeared to have given them a competitive advantage in heavy workloads. This time around AMD is promising boost clocks of  up to 5.5Ghz, new socket and a double digit increase in performance over single and multi threaded workloads than their predecessors. Highest core count will still remain 16 Cores with 32 Threads which usually appears to be the flagship model.

    In a counter move, Intel is preparing as rumored, Raptor Lake chips, that may include Intel i9 13900K, a high clock and core count model in an effort to regain its crown as the gaming king, regain market share and further dominate the market.  As said, Intel's new lineup will use existing 1700 socket, making it very nice and convenient. Both chip makers are focused and will promote solidly DDR5 memory, in an effort to slowly transition from the existing DDR4 state.