WIN 10 - €29.99


           We saw in recent weeks a huge drop from suppliers in the pricing of Windows 10 Home and Professional Editions in a move to encourage more and more people to install, activate and upgrade Windows. PC World announced on its website that until the end of the month, readers will be able to buy Windows 10 Home edition for €29.99 and Windows 10 Professional Edition for €39.99, an opportunity many grabbed their hands on.

            One of the main advantages of activating Windows is being able to fully customize your desktop, background, taskbar and tray icons and so on. Also, another perk is that you completely eliminate the annoying watermark that appears every now and then to activate Windows.  One of the main differences between Windows Home and Pro versions in that the Professional version includes Remote Desktop where you are able to connect to your PC from a remote location. It also includes the BitLocker encryption function that allows users to encrypt their data, something it may be worth considering, especially as a business user.

How to purchase them:

Windows 10 Home 64bit

Windows 10 Professional 64bit