Servers in Cyprus


         Business servers are by far one of the most important ingredients in a successful business. The purpose of a server or a datacentre(cluster of servers) is purely to connect numerous users-employees with shared data . In order though to purchase a server or set up a datacentre you need to go through a series of steps to identify what your needs are, what your future needs will be and what is the appropriate machinery to compliment your business infrastructure.

           First of all you need to identify whether you business only needs a storage server, where you locate data on a shared machine and users just share/edit and grab them from there or whether the server will run programs, Virtual Machines, render and act on complicated and numerous tasks. When determining how much strength a server needs, you always take in to account how many requests a server will receive at any single instance. Imagine a scenario with 100 users that some of them poke the server once every 10-15 minutes and a scenario where all users poke the server multiple times within a single minute. The amount of processing power needed in the second scenario is multiple times more than the first one in regards with memory(RAM), clock speed and core count.

            Another important factor involves the kind of data your users are sharing. Is it documents? is it high resolution photos? 4K Video? 8K video? Software? Depending on the nature of the data, we will decide accordingly what kind of storage to use. Read and Write speeds are crucial at every scenario. We have options from 3.5" Hard drives 7200rpm, 2.5" SSDs and ultra high end and speedy m.2 NVME storage . If users will edit and render video from the server then you definitely need fast read and write speeds. Also if software developers will write and compile complex software off a server and apply it through Virtual Machines then you will also need fast transfer speeds. The amount of users that actually do this is of equal importance. Maybe within a company of 100, only 10 will video edit and render and the rest will only do secondary tasks. 

            Regardless of how powerful your servers are, this means nothing unless the wired connection between server and client pc is strong as well. In companies with more than 10-15 employees, a minimum of 10gbps network is required, sometimes networks of 25gbps or even more so that it's ensured that data are retrieved, processed and delivered from the server to the user as rapidly as possible. Finally as a company we always build and design contingency plans for business data, using high end RAID controllers and remote secondary servers for backup to accomplish data protection, minimum downtime and business continuity.