Samsung 980 PRO SSD


        Samsung 980 PRO SSD is by far the most exciting consumer SSD that came out the last couple of years. It is the first one from the Samsung family fully utilizing the PCIe 4.0 port capabilities and speeds and promises astonishing results. It spans from as little as 256GB all the way up to 2TB, with maximum theoretical speeds of 7000MB/s read and 5000MB/s write. This kind of performance makes this hard drive suitable for very high end gamers or monster workstations with primary work the likes of video-editing, rendering, 3D modeling and any kind of heavy IOPS production work.

        Its pricing ranges from $90 for the 256GB model all the way up to $230 for the 2TB model that is scheduled to arrive in late 2020. Even though on paper it smashes the Samsung 970 Pro, one of its biggest disadvantages against the Samsung 970 Pro is its endurance as comparing the 970 to the 980 Pro, the 970 Pro has double the endurance over a 5 year warranty cycle in terms of TB. For example, the 1TB model of 980 Pro has 600TB in endurance whereas the 970 Pro has 1200TB. 

        Regardless of its not so great endurance over a 5 year period in comparison with its predecessor, the Samsung 980 Pro brings to the competition a very strong addition to the PCIe 4.0 family, with astonishing read and write speeds and attractive pricing.