NVIDIA RTX 4090 | 4080


        NVIDIA officially announced  this week the release of its new series of Ada architecture graphics cards, RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. The long awaited new models come 2 years after the last release, in comparison with the norm that NVIDIA and AMD were releasing new models on an annual basis.

        New models promise huge performance gains over the previous RTX 3000 series with more improved features (DLSS 3) and better cooling while maintaining thermal output close to the existing. RTX 4080 will come in two variants, one with 12GB VRAM and the other with 16GB. Surprisingly enough, specs for both RTX 4080 models differ beyond the amount of VRAM, but NVIDIA charts show them both close in performance in most games and production.

RTX 4080 | 12GBRTX 4080 | 16GBRTX 4090 | 24GB
Boost Clock | Ghz2,612,512,52
Memory Interface192-bit256-bit384-bit
Slot2.5 or 3-slot3-slot3-slot
Power Usage285W320W450W
PSU requirement700W750W850W

       NVIDIA's biggest rival, AMD, is also prepping their new Radeon 7000 series, that will definitely go head to head in terms of pricing and performance with NVIDIA's 4000 series.  Release of RTX 4090 is expected in early October of this year and both RTX 4080 variants, a month later, in November.