3080Ti, 3070Ti and hash limiters


        After months and months of silicon shortages, price hiking and client frustration, NVIDIA announced a further two models, RTX 3080Ti, an in between 3080 and 3090 and 3070Ti, falling in between 3070 and 3080. Furthermore, NVIDIA announced that the new models that will be released on the end of May 2021, RTX 3070, 3080 will be limited to 25% hash rate, following a similar decision to RTX 3060, that had a 50% hash rate limiter at the time.

        This will be enforced with NVIDIA's new drivers that will be released soon. What is remarkable though, is the fact that NVIDIA chose to exclude RTX 3090 from the strict measures to restore balance in the graphic cards market, therefore leaving room to miners to continue inflating RTX 3090 pricing. Further information revealed that RTX 3080Ti will have close and almost similar power to RTX 3090, with its major difference being that VRAM will stay at 12GB, rather than 24GB that RTX 3090 has.