CoolerMaster's MB320L & MB311L


Last month, CoolerMaster released two new PC cases that can accommodate gamers nicely with their PC builds all around the world. One model is called MB311L and the other one MB320L. Their only difference is purely the fact that on the MB311L. the front is a full-on cover mesh, whereas on the MB320L the front is a dark glass.

This model follows the hugely popular PC case for gaming, MB520 and MB511 that can accommodate a full ATX motherboard.  In comparison, both MB311L and MB320L can only fit mATX and mITX builds.

What makes this PC case unique, is its compact size, its attractive design, great side vents for strong airflow, and its standing out case fans that make a case like this quite an unavoidable choice for anyone wanting to build his own gaming PC and customize it.

Lastly, what really strikes someone looking to buy a PC case, is its surprisingly low MSRP price of $60.