The months of February and March of 2022 were quite significant, as for the first time in 2 whole years we can safely say that graphics cards' pricing has shown a significant reduction from their previous highs that were caused due to extreme demand and limited supply, varying from chip shortages, crypto mining and higher export fees (tariff wars). We have seen prices divert so far away from their MSRP the last 2 years that gamers, professionals and the whole globe at most, lost interest in upgrading their gpu or purchasing a new gaming or production PC.

       This now has changed by a lot as we have seen crazy high prices of November and December 2021, cooling down in March 2022 where for example an NVIDIA RTX 3080 used to sell for €2000, whereas currently retails at €1399. Same applies to the hugely popular NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti that has seen highs of €1150 and has now dropped to an average of €850. Unfortunately, we have yet to see retail prices divert to their MSRP, but there is still hope going forward.

November 2021 | incl.VATMarch 2022 | incl.VAT
NVIDIA RTX 3090 24GB€3450
NVIDIA RTX 3080Ti 12GB€2250
NVIDIA RTX 3080 LHR 10GB€1999
NVIDIA RTX 3070TI 8GB€1380
NVIDIA RTX 3070 8GB€1350
NVIDIA RTX 3060TI 8GB€1150
NVIDIA RTX 3060 8GB€999
AMD RX 6800XT 16GB€1650
AMD RX 6700XT 12GB€1199