This week it was decided and concluded what the specifications, requirements, build and design of the new DDR5 RAM modules will be coming as soon as next year. DDR5 RAM is the successor of the very popular DDR4 modules that people are currently using since 2014 when they then successfully replaced DDR3 modules. So what's new?

          DDR5 will be using the same number of 288 pins as DDR4 does, but their pin layout will be different, therefore making them incompatible with any DDR4 sockets.  So the new DDR5 modules will demand a new DDR5 motherboard slot. Also, these new DIMMs will use 1.1V as opposed to 1.2V its predecessor is currently using.  Most importanly though, their speed will increase dramatically. Currently, DDR4 has stable rates of up to 3200Mhz. DDR5 in contrast will start at 3200Mhz and be able to reach 6400Mhz. That's double the current speed. Can you imagine a DDR5 module with a 6400Mhz speed? Cut in rendering times? Gaming frames? Simply impressive.

           Finally a UDIMM size currently is limited to 32GB per slot, whereas a DDR5 UDIMM size will max out at 128GB giving more way for higher maximum capacities. DDR5 is expected to become mainstream and adopted in desktops, laptops and server systems in 2021.