AEIBEN Servers


            In recent months we started building and promoting our new lineup of custom made, tailored to a client's needs server family. A client could range from a home user to a 5-person small business to a big enterprise. No matter what the scale, we study, project and execute according to the client. Most of our Cyprus based clients demand the maximum performance they can get out of our systems to facilitate their ever evolving and demanding environmens.

            Our server family is split in to 2 sections. First section is the home server-small business section which in essence facilitates families or companies of up to 8-10 users where an Intel Xeon processor with 16GB-32GB of ECC RAM will operate in order to serve them well. Most of its uses lean to being a File Server or a Home Media Server (eg PLEX) where users connect remotely or locally and access their files.  The second section of our Server family is our Enterprise Servers which use Intel XEON (Silver or Gold) or AMD EPYC to facilitate bigger in size companies in Cyprus and all over Europe, that either run multi threaded environments or Virtual Machines and demand a single or an array of servers that will meet their needs.

            One of our main advantages as a company is that all of our products are build from scratch according to the client and therefore flexibility, customization and attention to detail is what we truly shine on. Beyond that our exceptional pricing and ahead of the market standard is what completes the package that what our new series of Custom Business Servers has to offer to the business and home server market in Cyprus.