Corporate Servers


        Entering 2023, demand for onsite tower and rackmount servers has increased tremendously, with orders climbing and business needs exponentially growing. The workflow requirements of small to large business companies to share data increased productivity and accelerated processing and have grown so much that corporations heavily rely on high end physical servers to coordinate and forward data to their on site and remote users.

        As a company, AEIBEN LTD, we have one of our main functions to careful and spot on assemble and functionally test various server lineups that target different types of clients, ranging from a small 10 user office with a tower server to a multi layer set of 2U dual Intel Xeon server with hundreds of TB of storage on full virtualization mode, servicing hundreds of users.


        The type of server and its specifications required for every project heavily relies on the amount of users that will be accessing the server on a daily basis, the frequency and time at which these users will exchange details with the server, the amount of storage needed, its processing power, along with present and future expandability. We have 2 types of servers ranging from mATX, ATX and E-ATX Tower servers to 1U, 2U, 4U rackmount servers.  Our Tower servers are mostly used in houses, shops, cafe-restaurants, hotels and overall small to medium scale businesses, whereas our rackmount servers are usually destined but not limited to medium to large scale companies with scalability and large data needs. 

        With HDD drives reaching 22TB and SSD 15.6TB we can accomplish hundreds of terabytes of storage pools in a single unit consisting of single or dual Intel Xeon setups of the latest Intel Scalable generation that can achieve up to 64 Cores. Further to this, we mostly use Registered RDIMM RAM sticks of memory that have error correcting functions and abilities at an enterprise level.


        Concluding, most of our servers include dual 1GBps or 10GBps Dual LAN ports with enterprise level Intel RAID Controllers to produce data contingency and backups. As electricity is of paramount essence we include in our systems redundant power supplies of 400, 550, 800 or 1200W power to ensure stability and scalability in all range of models.