Our RAID Controllers


            Our premise when building successful systems, either from our Desktops lineup or our Servers' family of products is to always maintain quality in components while delivering powerful systems at the best prices in Cyprus and the EU market.  Today, we will be speaking about RAID controllers, PCie devices that are inserted in a server's motherboard and connect to the server's backplane and are responsible for the safe keeping of our clients' data. 

            RAID controllers have the ability to create an array or arrays of storage that consist of multiple drives in order for a certain amount of hard drives to be processed and treated as one.  For example an 8 bay rack server, with 10TB IronWolf HDD, 3.5" can create up to 80TB of disk space. This of course depends on the RAID type that the client wishes to follow. There's RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 ,10, 50, 60 and so on and each type denotes the redundancy that this array will have. Popular RAID types the industry uses are 5 and 6 that use a 1 disk and 2 disk redundancy accordingly. RAID 10 and above use a mix of disk redundancies and mirroring. 

            Every RAID controller has a set interface and every server case has a set backplane interface. Most recent and popular interfaces use 12gbps backplane and RAID controllers can easily handle SAS HDD and SAS SSD speeds with 8 bay, 12 bay and so on without any speed limitations. Older 6gbps interface are best used mostly with 6gbps SATA SSDs and HDDs. A 12gbps RAID controller uses the newer 8643 port connection and the 6gbps use an 8087 port connection. As a company, we have partnered with LSI of BroadCom, a well known company that manufactures most RAID controllers across the globe. We offer various models such as LSI 12gbps 9361-8i, that has an 12gbps interface and 2 x 8643 connections, that can easily accommodate 8 SAS or SATA hard drives. For clients with lesser demands, we  also offer LSI's 9261-8i, a 6Gbps model, that easily can handle SATA SSDs and HDDs.