AMD B550 | Ryzen 3300X


            AMD announced today that next month it will launch its new entry level Ryzen 3300X, with 4 Cores and 8 Threads at $120. Furthermore and keeping the pace, they will launch its much anticipated B550 motheboard, successor of B450, in June.

            Starting with the with entry level Ryzen 3 3300x which packs 4 Cores and 8 Threads, AMD plans to shake the entry level market for processors, with a starting price of $120. This new processor will have a boost clock of 4.3Ghz which is quite impressive for its price, and 8 Cores to justify its work. Unfortunately it wont have an APU(embedded graphics card) such as AMD 3400G or its little brother AMD 3200G, but its strong enough to show its teeth when it comes to gaming with its 4 Cores and its 4.3Ghz clock speed. Its launch day is somewhat in May, one month from now as we understand by AMD.

            Furthermore, AMD just announced that in June 6th, they are planning to release their new B550 motherboard, successor of the very popular and mid level B450 motherboard. B450 motherboars are considered by most a good, comfortable, strong mid solution to the majority of AMD Ryzen, because the majority of them pack enough power to handle 6 Cores, and some of them even 8 Cores, such as 3700X. Now, the surprise with the new B550 motherboard is that it will carry PCi-e 4.0 slots and storage, that as we know, is capable of 5GB/s transfer speeds in comparison with 3.45GB/s that PCIe-3 did. PCi-e Gen 4.0 launched last year with the entry of X570 boards for AMD, which by many was considered luxury to have on your board. But, as we move forward, in market where there is demand for things to be instant, AMD decided to drop this luxury exclusivity to only its X570 boards and also add it to its new B550. Now, the only thing we truly wonder is whether the consumer will pay a premium for this gem to have on its board, or AMD will show its true value and settle for less.