RTX 3060 VS RTX 3060Ti


In less than 4 days, we expect the release of NVIDIA's RTX 3060, the smaller brother of the already in circulation RTX 3060Ti 8GB. Even though its CUDA cores will be significantly less than its bigger brother, RTX 3060 will pack 12GB VRAM instead of 8GB. CUDA cores are down from 4864 to 3584 but boost clock is up to 1780Mhz. The bus width is 192bit and its consumption at 170W, rather than 200W that 3060Ti currently has.


Both RTX 3060Ti and RTX 3060 are considered to be the kings of 1440p, high refresh rate and is advised that whoever is looking to conquer 1440p to go and purchase of one these 2 cards. But as 3060Ti is lacking the essential power to hold ground on 4k gaming, so does its sibling. Barely both cards hold 60fps in 4k gaming on most AAA gaming titles, and therefore we can not really recommend either for comfortable 4K gaming.

In recent months, since the initial release of RTX 3000 NVIDIA cards, NVIDIA concern about mining and scalpers grabbing supply quickly before it even hit the online sites, has grown dramatically. This has lead the graphics card market to bleed in the last few months with chaotic demand and very very limited supply, causing some vendors even rise their prices to 35%.

In an effort for NVIDIA to stop this mayhem, they have reduced this newcomer's ability to perform when it comes to one specific task: Ethereum mining. This does not limit the gaming ability of the card but only its mining ability, as the new software will detect exactly what the user is doing and stalling its performance. All this is done in an effort to stop the thousands of miners depleting NVIDIA's supply from gamers.

The starting MSRP price of NVIDIA RTX 3060 12GB is $329, something that we don't really consider as realistic scenario as currently NVIDIA 3060Ti sells for $900, from an MSRP of $399. 

Unless miners let it go; supply picks up and NVIDIA releases more cards to spread the spectrum of just 3060Ti, 3070, 3080, 3090, we expected that this nightmare will continue in the following weeks to months.